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Rift platinum
In Rift, "platinum" is the highest level of currency. In this article, I will explain to you ways to get your hands on it within the easiest way possible!

Rift plat
As Rift can be a quite recent game, it is difficult to calculate at this time what's going to and does not be valuable because the Rift economy naturally evolves as time passes. Something you may say is worthless now may become invaluable down the road, or the other way round.

Easy Platinum in Rift from Materials

Rift plat
In most cases, at the beginning of a MMORPG like Rift, crafted merchandise is generally less valuable than materials. This happens because in the beginning players will endeavour to outbid each other for several resources in order to level up, and consequently most craft items will initially be sold at a loss.

A great technique to prevent participating in this vicious loop is to buy all Three of the gathering professions yourself. That's, "Foraging", "mining" and "butchering". With one of these professions at your fingertips you may be capable of pick up your personal materials when you are questing. For those who have no immediate need for the materials you're gathering, a person always has the possibility to bank them to use or sale later on in the game.

As the game progresses, other players will accumulate some spare platinum and will want to purchase up materials.

The need for beginner ores increases as other players start to gain levels their professions.

Making Platinum from Crafting

If you have a really advanced level craft, it is possible to earn money out of your crafts. Otherwise, it will likely be tough to make money. The main problem is the fact that crafters will be in constant competition with gear that come in questing.

However, if you need to give it a go, you should focus on ranged weapons, like guns and bows, two-handed weapons and runes.

Two-handed and ranged weapons usually do not appear often in questing, unlike 1-handed weapons that are constantly being upgraded for callings designed to use use.

Despite the fact that it is just a green-quality weapon, as a weaponsmith it is possible to craft the Iron Hunting Rifle which you can then sell on for huge profit. You are able to fetch as much as 1 platinum because of it, especially soon after the original launch of the game.

You may also potentially create a fortune being a Runecrafter nevertheless there is no competition from quests. Having said that, lots of players might not want runes themselves because they already get new gear regularly.

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